Back on the road to fitness week 3


Tempo to Sprints

So the challenge here is to complete 4 short, high-intensity intervals of increasing power, after first opening with a steady 15min Tempo effort. By working aerobically in the early 15min effort you will be improving the ability to deliver oxygen to the working muscles and preserve your carbohydrate stores for the finishing maximal efforts.  The sprints were fun but trying to maintain 85% FTP and a cadence of 85rpm was tough – I don’t spin fast!

11 March – Strava Link

Endurance Free Ride

Tour of Watopia Stage 1 – read about it here.

12 March

Tempo Accelerations

Steady endurance work trains your body to utilize oxygen to metabolise fat as its fuel source. By incorporating sprint efforts into a steady-state effort, you will recruit additional muscle fibres and extend their ability to work aerobically.  After yesterday’s Tour of Watopia stage ride, my legs were just not having it today.  Maintaining the watts was ok, but not at the fast cadence this session required.  I bailed halfway through.

13 March Strava Link

The Long Ride – SST Long

I am afraid this was another DNF.  I think I have burnt myself out this week and so have decided Sunday, when I was due to do this ride, will now be a recovery day.

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