Sugar-free energy drinks

I am always on the lookout for sugar-free alternatives to energy drinks and will be giving this one a try: 500ml orange juice 500ml water teaspoon of salt Comes with a vitamin C boost and a darn sight cheaper than energy drinks!

Cycling with diabetes and without sugar

I was diagnosed with Type II diabetes just over a year ago and now seems as good a time as any to look back at how this has affected my cycling and whether sports drinks really did help my performance. It came as a complete shock when I was diagnosed with diabetes.  But looking back… Continue reading Cycling with diabetes and without sugar

Guide to Energy Drinks and Foods for Cycling

Not mine but found at: Here’s a test, nip out on your bike before you read this but don’t do your usual prep.  Make sure you’ve not eaten for at least 3 hrs or taken any energy drinks or gel. Just go for about 20 mins and take no water either. How did that… Continue reading Guide to Energy Drinks and Foods for Cycling