C2C Hadrian’s Cycleway – The Ride

https://youtu.be/l6ZQhZFCH58 No words, just the video. Strava: Day 1, Day 2, Day 3

C2C Hadrian’s Cycleway – Day 0

Big day tomorrow as it is day 1 of the coast to coast (or sea to sea) Hadrian’s Cycleway ride.  We are starting a few miles into the route and will be riding 151 miles over three days.  I rode what you might call the traditional C2C route in 2019 and had planned to ride … Continue reading C2C Hadrian’s Cycleway – Day 0

C2C or Sea to Sea Bike Ride

C2C Route Map Last month I blogged about my plans to cycle the C2C route from the west to east coast of England. Here is a brief record of my trip. Day 1 - The Lake District https://youtu.be/GdrDK-fd4rE I woke up to rain, and, apart from a few sunny spells, it stayed that way for … Continue reading C2C or Sea to Sea Bike Ride

C2C Bike Ride – A bucket list adventure

Very close to the top of my bucket list is to complete the Coast to Coast, or Sea to Sea, bike ride.  The C2C runs for nearly 140 miles across the northern edge of the Lake District from the scenic coast of northwest England through the Northern Lakes and over the Pennines before reaching its … Continue reading C2C Bike Ride – A bucket list adventure