Back on the road to fitness – now includes running


And another first yesterday.  I wanted to start cross-training and start running again.  Not that I am an accomplished runner by any means.  Although I did manage to complete the couch to 5ktraining plan a couple of years ago.  I have also have had a treadmill for about a year which has been neglected.  So as I have been upping my bike training on Zwift, I thought “why not give it a go for running?”.

Getting started seemed to be reasonably straightforward.  I just need to get a Zwift Runpod, sync it with my Zwift app and off I go.  And yes, it was as simple as that!

Zwift Runpod

Basically what it does is measure and broadcast speed, cadence and distance to the Zwift app and you see all of your run data as your avatar runs in a virtual world.

So how was it?

I did a simple 30-minute run and have to say it was pretty good.  Having a target to aim for helped.  But I had forgotten just how hard ward work it is running on a treadmill; just that constant pace with no letup.  My daughter said “you can always slow it down”, but my guilt complex makes me want to battle on.  Like someone is looking over my shoulder and judging me!

So I am now going to rotate my training, one day on the bike, the next on the treadmill (or running outdoors if the mood takes me).  And, of course, one day a week recovery.

If it’s not on Strava, it didn’t happen

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