Cyclist and Horse Riders – great advice for both

The following was published by the British Hose Society at We are both vulnerable - Let’s work together Equestrians and cyclists are both vulnerable road users. We both share similar risks when riding on the road, and we need access to more safe off-road riding. Cyclists and horse riders have a statutory right to ride … Continue reading Cyclist and Horse Riders – great advice for both

Virtual -v- Real World Cycling

During the COVID-19 lock-down, I have aimed to do as much as my training indoors as possible.  I have a smart trainer for cycling and a treadmill for running.  I have used various apps for both with my current favourites being Zwift for running and Bkool, the same brand as my trainer, for cycling.  Zwift … Continue reading Virtual -v- Real World Cycling

Cycling-themed movie playlist

Here is an interesting playlist from Cycling UK.  As they say: Whether you're self-isolating, in quarantine, social-distancing, or just looking for a movie-marathon, grab the popcorn and get comfy, there’s something here for everyone. Here is a link to their list: Get your cycling fix(ie) with our suggested playlist of cycling-themed films IMO, there are … Continue reading Cycling-themed movie playlist

The joy of cycling part 2

I’ve blogged before about forgetting about all the trappings that we love to surround ourselves with and just getting out on the bike and riding for the sheer joy of it.  Today was one of those days.  I had planned a ride out on the road bike but, because of strong winds, decided on an … Continue reading The joy of cycling part 2

It wasn’t meant to be a duathlon

It is always an iconic stage when the Tour de France includes Mont Ventoux.  It’s a hard, no, a very hard stage.  On the 13th July 1967 it claimed the life of Tommy Simpson who died 1km from the finish with the official cause of death being stated as "heart failure caused by exhaustion”.  There … Continue reading It wasn’t meant to be a duathlon

Infographic: Cycling through red lights

Red light jumping can be dangerous and is illegal. But is it true that most red light violations are done by cyclists? Do we have a balanced media coverage on this matter? Well, get ready to change your perception with our infographics. GLUE team decided to visualise the findings based on reports by Cycling Info and Transport for … Continue reading Infographic: Cycling through red lights

Motorists –v- Cyclists. Is it sensationalism that will make matters worse?

The BBC are due to air a programme this Wednesday (6th December), called ‘War on Britain’s Roads’. The advance publicity on the BBC website says: Life on Britain's roads can now be seen from a whole new perspective - thanks to the cycle helmet camera. As thirty-four million vehicles and thirteen million bikes all try … Continue reading Motorists –v- Cyclists. Is it sensationalism that will make matters worse?