Cycle Lanes (Again)

I have blogged several times about my dislike of cycle lanes and how, in my opinion, they can be downright dangerous for me and other people (as well as children, animals being walked, etc) who (mis-)use them.  I am also fed-up with the abuse of motorists when I choose not use them, mainly because of … Continue reading Cycle Lanes (Again)

Southend’s Dangerous New Cycle Lane

If ever there was a cycling lane that should be banned this it. I am sure you stand far more chance of coming to harm by using it than you would with sticking to the road. As the video points out: nothing to stop kids wobbling into the traffic inadequate car door clearance nothing to … Continue reading Southend’s Dangerous New Cycle Lane

26 Miles and blocked cycle lanes.

A very sunny but very windy morning (30mph gusts) was the backdrop to my adventures today.  After yesterday’s 40 miles, my sit bones and thighs were both feeling a bit achy and it seemed best to take it easy.  So, it was a 26 mile training circuit.  All in all a very good ride and … Continue reading 26 Miles and blocked cycle lanes.

Britain’s shortest cycle lane – all 8 feet of it.

This got a lot of media coverage like all things ridiculous so. But I thought I would also record it for prosperity anyway. At little more than the length of a single bicycle, the £2,000 road marking has left cyclists in Cardiff bemused. The feature, thought to be the shortest cycle lane in Britain, has … Continue reading Britain’s shortest cycle lane – all 8 feet of it.