July was a good month

New Training Route

https://youtu.be/uDxZMlQ4puQ Well, it is not a new training route as such, but more of a resurrection of an existing one. My weekly training goes something like this: MondayRun (Garmin plan)TuesdayWalk (2 miles minimum)WednesdayRun (Garmin plan)ThursdayBikeFridayRun (Garmin plan, normally long run)SaturdayWalk (2 miles minimum)SundayLong bike ride Thursday's bike ride has been something of an unstructured bimble.… Continue reading New Training Route

Turn off that Garmin!

https://youtu.be/eyhaexZBD3E I had planned to cycle out to Papermill Lock, one of my favourite places to ride to, but when I got there, rather than follow the planned route I thought "why not turn off my Garmin, go in the opposite direction and see where I end up. Which is what I did and this… Continue reading Turn off that Garmin!

100 mile bike ride

https://youtu.be/6eE8e2uEQlE Here is this year's epic bike ride. It is great to get out and disappear from all of the pandemic crap that is going down right now. I wonder how we will look back on 2020 and 2021 in years to come?

Back on the road to fitness week 3

Tempo to Sprints So the challenge here is to complete 4 short, high-intensity intervals of increasing power, after first opening with a steady 15min Tempo effort. By working aerobically in the early 15min effort you will be improving the ability to deliver oxygen to the working muscles and preserve your carbohydrate stores for the finishing… Continue reading Back on the road to fitness week 3

My first group ride on Zwift

Yesterday I took part in my first group ride on Zwift.  Although Zwift is a mash-up of bike riding/training, gaming and interaction with other users, I am a solitary rider in both real and virtual worlds.  I have taken part in group rides in the real world but it is not really my thing. So… Continue reading My first group ride on Zwift

Back on the road to fitness week 2

Step Down Intervals The main work here is a long descending ladder that starts out above threshold and steps down in progressively longer intervals.  A nice intro to week 2 Low Cadence Intervals An so, another round of low cadence intervals.  I struggled with these during prep week but got on ok with them today.… Continue reading Back on the road to fitness week 2