Ride and run diary

These are some of more my defining milestone rids or runs. My full training log is, of course, on Strava and Garmin Connect.

Everything ride

A ride that covered pretty much all surfaces – on-road, off-road, cycle path, gravel and even a walk along a no-cycling path.

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Tour de Hanningfield

Nice sunny start to today’s ride.  Still a bit of a nip in the air though. Added bonus was the coffee and cake stop.  First one in goodness knows how many months.

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Cold and windy

It was so frustrating today. Great sunshine all week and then Sunday morning, cloudy, cold and a 19 mile an hour wind bringing the temperature down to 3.3oC (or 38oF in old money). I abandoned the ride I had planned and opted for a couple of training loops instead. This is becoming something of a…

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First epic ride of the year

It is now the end of March, and it was about time I got my first long-distance ride in. What started out to be a 52-mile ride ended up as a 60-mile ride. I was kicking myself when I checked the km as I was 3km short of a metric ton. Ah well, that will…

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Virtual Vitality London 10k

The stats on Garmin Connect With the crazy state of the world today due to the covid pandemic, there are not many, if any, races taking place.  Virtual races are the next best thing and today’s run was no exception.  We had a great time.

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My first half marathon

run stats on Garmin Connect And so here we have it. My first half marathon ever! I have been training for it using a Garmin Coach training plan and was supposed to have completed the run last weekend. However, the weather was so foul that it delayed the event and ran it today. The run…

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So that’s what 15k hurts like

Garmin Connect stats This is the longest run I have done to date. As it is part of the half-marathon training plan I am working to, hopefully that record will soon be broken.

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13.8k – my longest run

Run stats on Garmin Connect Working through my half-marathon training plan, today was a two hour free run. And it turned out to be the longest distance I have ever run so far. Nice!

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