Cyclist and Horse Riders – great advice for both

The following was published by the British Hose Society at We are both vulnerable - Let’s work together Equestrians and cyclists are both vulnerable road users. We both share similar risks when riding on the road, and we need access to more safe off-road riding. Cyclists and horse riders have a statutory right to ride… Continue reading Cyclist and Horse Riders – great advice for both

Lorries face London ban ‘to protect cyclists’

The headline for this article on the BBC news website is not quite correct as "The mayor's office said that over the past two years HGVs were involved in 23% of pedestrian fatalities and 58% of cyclist deaths in London, despite accounting for just 4% of the miles driven in the city." It is very… Continue reading Lorries face London ban ‘to protect cyclists’

Motorists face prosecution for driving too close to cyclists

West Midlands Police target cycle ‘close pass’ drivers in UK policing first From West Midlands Police website Cycling groups have praised West Midlands Police for becoming the first force in the country to proactively target "close pass" drivers who endanger riders. Rules of the road stipulate motorists should give cyclists at least the same space as… Continue reading Motorists face prosecution for driving too close to cyclists

Leave three feet when passing a cyclist?

Cycle safety video

Each year 3,000 cyclists are killed or injured on UK roads, and approximately 1/5th of those are children. Osbornes Solicitors have created this video using statistics from the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (RoSPA), which shows that there are 17,000 cyclist deaths or injuries in reported road accidents every year. Most of these… Continue reading Cycle safety video

What to do if you have a bicycle accident

It can happen to us all.  But are you prepared if are unfortunate enough to have an accident?  Do you even know what to do (after making sure your bike is ok of course)? Here are some useful tips from the guys at BikeRadar BikeRadar spoke to two cycle insurance specialists, Total Cycle Assist and… Continue reading What to do if you have a bicycle accident

Who is to blame, motorist or cyclist?

According to an article in The Times, research indicates that more than two-thirds of all crashes between drivers and cyclists in Central London are the fault of the motorist. The City of Westminster Council found that drivers were to blame for 68 per cent of collisions between cyclists and motor vehicles in the borough in… Continue reading Who is to blame, motorist or cyclist?