Is it ok to ride?


I have read many posts on social media with people asking if it is ok to go out on the bike during the COVID-19 crisis.  For what it’s worth, here are my thoughts.

I guess it is inevitable that cycling events are being postponed or cancelled at all levels.  I am already missing the cobbled classics, the Giro has been cancelled and le Tour must also be in doubt, although nothing from the organisers yet.

Several rides I had planned have already been cancelled, and I am expecting the others to follow suit.  TheEssex Roads Spring Lambs Sportive was the first one to be cancelled.  I will be gutted if the Way of the Roses three-day ride is also cancelled.  I am supposed to be riding this at the end of July, and I have no idea if we will be in the full grip of COVID-19 or we will be through it.  Either way, I am expecting that it will be cancelled as well.

Clearly, in the fight against COVID-19, this is the only thing to do.  Many of the rides do though publish GPX files or other route data or, if they do not, I am sure they can be found on Strava.  So why not do them anyway but as a solitary cyclist?  Solitary cycling follows all the current government guidelines as well as helping maintain fitness, boosts the immune system and is excellent for mental well-being – all essential right now.

But, whatever I do, I will pay heed to the latest advice from Cycling UK.


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