Cathedrals cycle route challenge

This Bike Week 2021 is running from 30 May to 5 June.  Bike Week, delivered by Cycling UK, is an annual celebration to showcase cycling and how brilliant it is.  During bike week, Cycling UK will be launching what looks to be an exciting challenge.  The Cathedrals Cycle Route. This is a 2,000 mile route … Continue reading Cathedrals cycle route challenge

First epic ride of the year It is now the end of March, and it was about time I got my first long-distance ride in. What started out to be a 52-mile ride ended up as a 60-mile ride. I was kicking myself when I checked the km as I was 3km short of a metric ton. Ah well, that … Continue reading First epic ride of the year

Adventure ride I had a long ride planned today but decided not to do it. Instead, I headed out on gravel bike with no plans on where to go. I wanted to do a mixture of on and off road, hence the gravel bike, but really didn’t mind where I went. This is how it went, … Continue reading Adventure ride

Thursday bimble click for route Every so often I like to take off on my gravel bike with no destination or route planned. Average speed doesn't matter. With the strange, sometimes stressful, daily pandemic world we live in, that can be a great relief. It is all about riding for the love of it. Just take … Continue reading Thursday bimble

C2C or Sea to Sea Bike Ride

C2C Route Map Last month I blogged about my plans to cycle the C2C route from the west to east coast of England. Here is a brief record of my trip. Day 1 - The Lake District I woke up to rain, and, apart from a few sunny spells, it stayed that way for … Continue reading C2C or Sea to Sea Bike Ride

C2C Bike Ride – A bucket list adventure

Very close to the top of my bucket list is to complete the Coast to Coast, or Sea to Sea, bike ride.  The C2C runs for nearly 140 miles across the northern edge of the Lake District from the scenic coast of northwest England through the Northern Lakes and over the Pennines before reaching its … Continue reading C2C Bike Ride – A bucket list adventure

What a magnificant ride that was.

Recently someone posted on a Facebook group I am a member of suggesting a group ride out to a place called Papermill Lock.  I wasn't able to join the ride but as I haven't been there before, looked it up online.  It did look like somewhere I fancied going to so, today, I took off on … Continue reading What a magnificant ride that was.