London to Southend 2021 I was so excited that the London to Southend bike ride was back this year after its brief hiatus because of the pandemic.  I have ridden it every year since 2007, except for 2019. Unfortunately, it had had to be rearranged twice this year for various reasons – one being the tail end of … Continue reading London to Southend 2021

C2C Hadrian’s Cycleway – The Ride No words, just the video. Strava: Day 1, Day 2, Day 3

How to cycle 100 miles

Riding for 100miles, 160km or a century is a goal for many cyclists. Here's the best way to go about it. From Global Cycling Network

The worst things about being a cyclist

Gotta love those hamster pants!

Top 10 Cycling Rules To Break!

How to overtake cyclists – the video all drivers should watch

Chris Boardman and master driving instructor Blaine Walsh explain how to safely overtake cyclists, referring to rule 163 of the Highway Code. And also watch the companion video, SIDE BY SIDE. This discusses how riding two abreast is recommended in the Highway Code, and how it's safer to overtake a group of two by two … Continue reading How to overtake cyclists – the video all drivers should watch

How to be a road biker