Up that hill!

North Hill is very well known to cyclists in the area.  But, to be honest, it is one that I hadn’t climbed before today and has always planned routes going down it!  I also fancied a long ride out, so I reversed a route I have done several times before.  There is also another good … Continue reading Up that hill!

Thursday bimble

click for route Every so often I like to take off on my gravel bike with no destination or route planned. Average speed doesn’t matter. With the strange, sometimes stressful, daily pandemic world we live in, that can be a great relief. It is all about riding for the love of it. Just take off … Continue reading Thursday bimble

Shoeburyness to Hanningfield

This is another great ride for a nice warm sunny Sunday morning.  If 63 miles sounds a long way, you can always stop off for breakfast at the Hanningfield visitor centre  

Shoeburyness to Maldon

This is a great ride for a nice warm sunny Sunday morning.  And even better if you want to stop off for refreshments by the river relaxing by the barges

London to Southend 2014

A great day out.  Well organised ride through the country lanes of Essex.  Getting out of London is not so pleasant but once you are clear of the metropolis, this is a truly enjoyable ride with great train links back to London.  If you do the ride, why not stay  awhile for fish and chips. … Continue reading London to Southend 2014

Southend bikeathon 2015

This is the latest Southend Bikeathon course.  Part of it is off road and it is family friendly providing you take care at one large roundabout.  The only problem with the course is that it uses private roads not normally pen to the public.  But there are ways round that 🙂  

Training circuit

This is one of my regular training circuits.  It’s 33 miles overall so quite nice for a couple of hours out on a Sunday morning.  There’s a little bit of climb half-way through which is nice for the legs.  A mix of quiet and busy roads.  

Southend seafront cycle path

The Southend cycle path runs from Shoeburyness East Beach to Chalkwell.  It’s about six and half miles long but why not ride back again and make it thirteen miles.  It’s all off road, flat and mostly on the seafront cycle lane – just keep an eye open for people walking along it. This makes it … Continue reading Southend seafront cycle path

Shoebury > Rochford > Canewdon > Southend

The same route as Shoebury > Rochford >Southend but with an additional 10 miles making it 32 in total.  The route will take you out through the quiet country lanes of Canewdon and back along Southend seafront. Overall this route is a mix of quiet and busy roads, so more for the experienced rider.  

Shoebury > Rochford > Southend

A nice 22 mile ride starting and ending at East Beach, Shoeburyness.  It is a mix of quiet roads, main roads and cycle paths.  So only for those who are fairly experienced.    

Southend Bikeathon 2010 Route

This is a route that was used in a Southend Bikeathon.  I think it was 2010.  The route takes in part of the Southend seafront cycle lane before heading off towards Barling and then looping back to Shoebury going through Great Wakering.  There is a very busy roundabout 4 miles into the course.  If you … Continue reading Southend Bikeathon 2010 Route