Cyclist and Horse Riders – great advice for both

The following was published by the British Hose Society at

We are both vulnerable – Let’s work together

Equestrians and cyclists are both vulnerable road users. We both share similar risks when riding on the road, and we need access to more safe off-road riding.

Cyclists and horse riders have a statutory right to ride on byways, bridleways and roads. 

Information for Horse Riders 

  • Be aware at all times and expect the unexpected
  • Remember, many people are not familiar with horses and how to behave around them
  • Be nice – say hi

Information for Cyclists

It’s important that cyclists give way to horse riders on bridleways. The Countryside Act 1968 gives cyclists the right to use bridleways, but states that they must give way to horse riders and walkers.

Horses can move very quickly and they can weigh up to ¾ tonne. Cycles can cause a horse to react if ridden too close or fast, which can result in injuries to both parties.

  • Alert the horse rider you are there by calling out in advance
  • Give the horse and rider time to react to your call of ‘Hi’
  • Never pass on the inside of a horse and be aware of pinch points in the track or on the road ahead
  • Slow down or stop if asked to do so
  • Pass wide and slow – at least a cars width if possible

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