London to Southend 2021 I was so excited that the London to Southend bike ride was back this year after its brief hiatus because of the pandemic.  I have ridden it every year since 2007, except for 2019. Unfortunately, it had had to be rearranged twice this year for various reasons – one being the tail end of … Continue reading London to Southend 2021

London to Southend 2019 Litttle did we know what lay just around the corner! If it's not on Garmin it didn't happen:

The joy of cycling part 2

I’ve blogged before about forgetting about all the trappings that we love to surround ourselves with and just getting out on the bike and riding for the sheer joy of it.  Today was one of those days.  I had planned a ride out on the road bike but, because of strong winds, decided on an … Continue reading The joy of cycling part 2

Top 10 Cycling Rules To Break!

Cyclists face pothole peril as road repairs are delayed

This is a very telling article that was published on The Times website today.  The number of injuries and deaths rises by 1%, but something that could be very easily done to help reduce that figure isn't being done. Potholes can be lethal, but councils are slow to repair them, says CTC, a cycling charity … Continue reading Cyclists face pothole peril as road repairs are delayed

How to overtake cyclists – the video all drivers should watch

Chris Boardman and master driving instructor Blaine Walsh explain how to safely overtake cyclists, referring to rule 163 of the Highway Code. And also watch the companion video, SIDE BY SIDE. This discusses how riding two abreast is recommended in the Highway Code, and how it's safer to overtake a group of two by two … Continue reading How to overtake cyclists – the video all drivers should watch

BBC joins anti-cycling agenda

So our wonderful public broadcasting service, the BBC, has decided to jump on the charabanc and join in the war against cyclists.  Still maybe I shouldn’t expect anything else from a company that allowed Top Gear to pillory cyclists every chance it got.  But I digress. When I started reading the article, I thought, "oh … Continue reading BBC joins anti-cycling agenda