Lost lanes # 23 empty Essex

https://youtu.be/XV_A7VDwR1I Another great ride from Jack Thurston's Lost Lanes book.

What a magnificant ride that was.

Recently someone posted on a Facebook group I am a member of suggesting a group ride out to a place called Papermill Lock.  I wasn't able to join the ride but as I haven't been there before, looked it up online.  It did look like somewhere I fancied going to so, today, I took off on … Continue reading What a magnificant ride that was.

It’s not all about personal bests and Strava

It was a glorious sunny Spring afternoon and faced with a choice of cutting the grass or popping out on the bike for a Saturday joyride, the bike won - was there ever any doubt?  But today was not a day for lycra.  It was a day for getting out on my hybrid and exploring. … Continue reading It’s not all about personal bests and Strava

Training circuit

This is one of my regular training circuits.  It's 33 miles overall so quite nice for a couple of hours out on a Sunday morning.  There's a little bit of climb half-way through which is nice for the legs.  A mix of quiet and busy roads.  

Southend seafront cycle path

The Southend cycle path runs from Shoeburyness East Beach to Chalkwell.  It's about six and half miles long but why not ride back again and make it thirteen miles.  It's all off road, flat and mostly on the seafront cycle lane - just keep an eye open for people walking along it. This makes it … Continue reading Southend seafront cycle path