London to Southend Bike Ride 2011

I made my first post in this blog  just over four years ago primarily to keep track of my progress in training for my first London to Southend bike ride.  Since then it is has rambled on about various things relating to cycling although, selfishly, mainly about my own exploits.  It does seem amazing that … Continue reading London to Southend Bike Ride 2011

Southend’s Dangerous New Cycle Lane

If ever there was a cycling lane that should be banned this it. I am sure you stand far more chance of coming to harm by using it than you would with sticking to the road. As the video points out: nothing to stop kids wobbling into the traffic inadequate car door clearance nothing to … Continue reading Southend’s Dangerous New Cycle Lane

Why you, yes you, should cycle

Cycling offers numerous benefits. It gives the body a fast and energetic workout. There is a definite shaping, toning and firming of the thighs, the calf muscles and the pelvis region. Fat melts away and is replaced by muscle. Some studies suggest that cycling is one of the few exercises that can help reduce cellulite … Continue reading Why you, yes you, should cycle