Lost lanes # 23 empty Essex

https://youtu.be/XV_A7VDwR1I Another great ride from Jack Thurston's Lost Lanes book.

Shoeburyness to Hanningfield

This is another great ride for a nice warm sunny Sunday morning.  If 63 miles sounds a long way, you can always stop off for breakfast at the Hanningfield visitor centre  

Shoeburyness to Maldon

This is a great ride for a nice warm sunny Sunday morning.  And even better if you want to stop off for refreshments by the river relaxing by the barges

Orchid Cycle Essex

This is my favourite organised ride.  It has evolved over the years to include a variety of distances.  It now includes an off-road ride and fun as well.  Lots for the family to do while you are out on your bike and for you enjoy when you get back.  Give this one a try, you … Continue reading Orchid Cycle Essex

Southend bikeathon 2015

This is the latest Southend Bikeathon course.  Part of it is off road and it is family friendly providing you take care at one large roundabout.  The only problem with the course is that it uses private roads not normally pen to the public.  But there are ways round that 🙂  

Shoebury > Rochford > Southend

A nice 22 mile ride starting and ending at East Beach, Shoeburyness.  It is a mix of quiet roads, main roads and cycle paths.  So only for those who are fairly experienced.