London to Southend 2021 I was so excited that the London to Southend bike ride was back this year after its brief hiatus because of the pandemic.  I have ridden it every year since 2007, except for 2019. Unfortunately, it had had to be rearranged twice this year for various reasons – one being the tail end of … Continue reading London to Southend 2021

Signed up for my first sportive

So today I signed up for my first sportive, the Wiggle Essex Explorer.  Some may ask why it has taken so long.  I can only say "I don't know"! The Essex Explorer takes place the Sunday after next. I have opted for the 74 mile course and should be ok as I have been riding … Continue reading Signed up for my first sportive

There is nothing better…

Today was my longest ride of the year so far.   And what a fantastic one it was.   64 miles off into the Essex countryside to ride to Maldon and back with a cake stop on the way home where Tatia and Seri were waiting for me. There is a hill on the route which is … Continue reading There is nothing better…

London to Southend 2011 – going to be wet but wild horses wouldn’t stop me doing it

I have searched every weather forecast on the web and they all say the same thing, wet and windy (it will be a crosswind with a slight tailwind rather than headwind which helps a bit).  So it's out with the waterproof and arm warmers.  Am I mad? Maybe.  But I love this ride and wouldn't miss it for the world.

Building up the miles

Well, this was certainly a great weekend to be out on the bike.  I managed to get out on both Saturday and Sunday and racked up 59 miles.  I’m very pleased with that although my sit bones are complaining a bit. I have also extended my usual training route from 25 to 33 miles by … Continue reading Building up the miles

BHF London to Southend Bike Ride 2010

Once again I was up at 5 a.m. on a Sunday morning eating porridge and getting ready to catch a train to London.  All for the pure joy of taking part in the London to Southend bike ride and cycling back again. The weather this promised to be great cycling weather and indeed it was.  … Continue reading BHF London to Southend Bike Ride 2010

65.5 miles = 105.4km. I know, I rode it :-)

The weather forecast didn’t look too bad and could have been at worse, like it was yesterday.  Sunshine and showers around 10 o’clock and just generally cloudy by 1 o’clock. Shame that wasn’t quite true as the showers kept coming and so did the hailstones.  But yes there was sunshine in between the rain.  And … Continue reading 65.5 miles = 105.4km. I know, I rode it 🙂