Cycling-themed movie playlist

Here is an interesting playlist from Cycling UK.  As they say: Whether you're self-isolating, in quarantine, social-distancing, or just looking for a movie-marathon, grab the popcorn and get comfy, there’s something here for everyone. Here is a link to their list: Get your cycling fix(ie) with our suggested playlist of cycling-themed films IMO, there are … Continue reading Cycling-themed movie playlist

Is it ok to ride?

I have read many posts on social media with people asking if it is ok to go out on the bike during the COVID-19 crisis.  For what it’s worth, here are my thoughts. I guess it is inevitable that cycling events are being postponed or cancelled at all levels.  I am already missing the cobbled … Continue reading Is it ok to ride?

Back on the road to fitness week 3

Tempo to Sprints So the challenge here is to complete 4 short, high-intensity intervals of increasing power, after first opening with a steady 15min Tempo effort. By working aerobically in the early 15min effort you will be improving the ability to deliver oxygen to the working muscles and preserve your carbohydrate stores for the finishing … Continue reading Back on the road to fitness week 3

Back on the road to fitness – now includes running

And another first yesterday.  I wanted to start cross-training and start running again.  Not that I am an accomplished runner by any means.  Although I did manage to complete the couch to 5ktraining plan a couple of years ago.  I have also have had a treadmill for about a year which has been neglected.  So … Continue reading Back on the road to fitness – now includes running

Sugar-free energy drinks

I am always on the lookout for sugar-free alternatives to energy drinks and will be giving this one a try: 500ml orange juice 500ml water teaspoon of salt Comes with a vitamin C boost and a darn sight cheaper than energy drinks!

My first group ride on Zwift

Yesterday I took part in my first group ride on Zwift.  Although Zwift is a mash-up of bike riding/training, gaming and interaction with other users, I am a solitary rider in both real and virtual worlds.  I have taken part in group rides in the real world but it is not really my thing. So … Continue reading My first group ride on Zwift

Plans for 2020

I have kept my ride events plans for 2020 more realistic and have been a bit more selective rather than enter anything and everything I can think of.  Each of the events I have entered for has a different twist. Essex Spring Lambs A sportive I have thought about entering over the years but had … Continue reading Plans for 2020