April stats

Quiet a good month.  A mix of cycling, running and walking.  Mostly indoors due to lockdown.

Back on the road to fitness – now includes running

And another first yesterday.  I wanted to start cross-training and start running again.  Not that I am an accomplished runner by any means.  Although I did manage to complete the couch to 5ktraining plan a couple of years ago.  I have also have had a treadmill for about a year which has been neglected.  So … Continue reading Back on the road to fitness – now includes running

Keep on running

I had been thinking about giving running a go for a while but, to be honest, never really thought it was for me.  I used to run many years ago at school, but that was more because I could use it to escape from the other sports which I hated.  When my wife first started … Continue reading Keep on running