C2C Hadrian’s Cycleway – The Ride

https://youtu.be/l6ZQhZFCH58 No words, just the video. Strava: Day 1, Day 2, Day 3

Not a duathlon

https://youtu.be/y1Nwxw0m52Y 14 mile bike training loop https://youtu.be/lL7BJbAFTQs Vitality half training plan day three As it was raining this morning, I thought I would go for a spin around my normal training route and then finish off with a run. In the run was the third day of the Vitality Big Half training plan and ended … Continue reading Not a duathlon

Not freezing cold

https://youtu.be/RPnQRE3hApg A really great ride today. It was so nice not to be as freezing like it has been lately.

Tour de Hanningfield

https://youtu.be/Ix4UtUzBlQs Nice sunny start to today‚Äôs ride.  Still a bit of a nip in the air though. Added bonus was the coffee and cake stop.  First one in goodness knows how many months.

Cold and windy

https://youtu.be/bTEKZyH3UcE It was so frustrating today. Great sunshine all week and then Sunday morning, cloudy, cold and a 19 mile an hour wind bringing the temperature down to 3.3oC (or 38oF in old money). I abandoned the ride I had planned and opted for a couple of training loops instead. This is becoming something of … Continue reading Cold and windy

First epic ride of the year

https://youtu.be/_hADQrWmvHY It is now the end of March, and it was about time I got my first long-distance ride in. What started out to be a 52-mile ride ended up as a 60-mile ride. I was kicking myself when I checked the km as I was 3km short of a metric ton. Ah well, that … Continue reading First epic ride of the year

New Training Route Baseline