Tips for cycling in snow

From: ETA Trust Keeping your head, hands and knees warm will help you stay alert and relaxed. Cyclists of old used to stuff a newspaper down their fronts to keep out the cold – if you are ever feel in need of an extra layer give it a go as it is surprisingly effective. In … Continue reading Tips for cycling in snow

Have you ever cycled up the inside of a lorry?

Think you need to watch this then. I have to say I have but won't be doing it again

Nine steps towards safer cycling

The London Cycling Campaign, which promotes safer cycling in the capital, has produced a nine-point-plan for reducing the toll of death and injury among cyclists: Enforce speed limits and clamp down on drivers who use mobile phones. Crack down on hit-and-run drivers, who account for a large portion of serious road injuries. Introduce 20mph speed … Continue reading Nine steps towards safer cycling