When exploring goes wrong

Today’s ride was one that I would rather forget about!  I thought I would take my gravel bike out for a spin and, as I didn’t have any particular route in mind, thought I would do a bit of exploring.  There is a sea wall on a tidal river near where I live and I have explored it in one direction, so today I thought, “why not explore it the other direction”.  Big mistake.

The track alongside the sea wall was covered with reasonably long grass, but there was a double track as though a vehicle had recently driven down it.  However, in places, the ground was very rutted and muddy.  After my bike wheel got stuck in one and I went over the handlebars, I thought it would be fortuitous to walk.

With several scI could see that I was going in the right direction but, after what seemed to be about 30 minutes, the path was roped off with private property signs all over the place.  Rather than turn back, I climbed to the top of the sea wall to try and carry on.  It proved impassable.  Just as I was about to turn around, the person whose land it was turned up.  I explained that I thought the sea wall would be at least walkable.  Apparently, it is supposed to be part of the coast path, but no work has been done on opening it up.  Thankfully he let me go through his land rather than make me turn back and retrace my footsteps.

By that time, I had had enough and headed home!

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