C2C Hadrian’s Cycleway – Day 0

Big day tomorrow as it is day 1 of the coast to coast (or sea to sea) Hadrian’s Cycleway ride.  We are starting a few miles into the route and will be riding 151 miles over three days.  I rode what you might call the traditional C2C route in 2019 and had planned to ride one of the other C2C routes in 2020.  But then there was COVID, so I postponed a year.

So what am I in for?  One hundred fifty-one miles of cycling with more than 7,800 feet of climbing over the next three days. 

But as the advert says, as well as magnificent coastal views and breathtaking countryside I’ll see the famous wall itself, Roman forts and museums, quaint villages and attractive market towns, all set in a World Heritage Site.

Tatia and I travelled to Penrith earlier in the week for a bit of a break, and this evening we go our separate ways. Tatia back to our holiday accommodation and me to accommodation arranged by Cycleactive ready for an early start. Early Friday morning we’ll be transported to Whitehaven on the Irish Sea coast for the fun to begin. I will then spend the day cycling 63 miles with a total ascent of 2,404 feet.

Watch this space for details about my progress.

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