Target – 5,000 miles before the end of the 2021

Playing catch-up

So here’s this year’s challenge courtesy of Cycling Weekly.  The #CW5000 which is to cycle 5,000 miles in a year.  Ell, it should have been in a year but as I have only just seen this, I have a bit of catching up to do.  5,000 miles breaks down to just 13.7 miles a day,  which for is around one hour on the bike.  So consistency is key. 

Every month Cycling Weekly set two challenges.  The idea is to forget the big number hanging us for a while and use these to inspire our riding.

March’s challenges are:

  1. Cycle every day – either outside or virtually on a turbo trainer
  2. Photograph my bike at either sunrise or sunset.

As I only found out about this on 7th March, I can only partially complete the first challenge.  I will, though, check the weather forecast and try and take a decent sunrise or sunset photo.

Let’s see how I get on.

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