New Training Route

Well, it is not a new training route as such, but more of a resurrection of an existing one.

My weekly training goes something like this:

MondayRun (Garmin plan)
TuesdayWalk (2 miles minimum)
WednesdayRun (Garmin plan)
FridayRun (Garmin plan, normally long run)
SaturdayWalk (2 miles minimum)
SundayLong bike ride

Thursday’s bike ride has been something of an unstructured bimble. Whilst I might still do this, I also want to do something more structure so have now resurrected my old 13 mile training route with today’s ride setting the baseline. being only 13 miles, it will also be good if I am time-short any Thursday.

The weather for today’s baseline ride was perfect. Sunny, light-wind, not much traffic on the roads. So much so that I got an new PB on one of the Garmin segments. So, a good baseline to measure myself against.

Thorpe Hall Avenue Climb
Avg Speed: 18.3 mph Time: 1:51.4

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