Back on the road to fitness – an update

At the end of February, I decided to do something to improve my fitness. I had slackened off over winter and those good intentions about training indoors with a turbo trainer and treadmill didn’t amount to much. I have type II diabetes and at my last check-up, my HbA1c as way to high. And then COVID arrived. The combination of these factors made up my mind for me that it was time to get fit again.

My training programme has comprised of:

  • Running three times a week. My goal was to train to run 10k and I started off using a Zwift training plan. As spring arrived I decided I wanted to get outside more and so switched to a Garmin Connect plan. This proved to be very useful as I get prompts through my watch while training. I completed the 10k run on 19 June. I am now running at least 5K three, sometimes four, times a week and have started a half marathon training plan so those distances will increase.
  • Cycling twice a week. This varies from virtual training, what I call bimbling which is riding for the sheer joy of it plus exploring off road, and distance road cycling.
  • Walking. I have no real rigor around this, just go out for a stroll when I feel like it.
  • Rest two days a week, which is slowly becoming just one!
  • Diet. I am eating a low carb diet for most of the time. Not every meal but certainly dinners and trying to avoid snacks.

The result of all this is that over a four month period I have lost 15lb (nearly 7kg) in weight and my HbA1c is back to where it should be. Not the most dramatic of weight losses but an average of 1lb a week which is sustainable.

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