Thursday bimble

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Every so often I like to take off on my gravel bike with no destination or route planned. Average speed doesn’t matter. With the strange, sometimes stressful, daily pandemic world we live in, that can be a great relief. It is all about riding for the love of it. Just take off and see where I end up. This ride was a bit of a cheat though as I had discovered part of it last week, but there was still lots of new discoveries to be made. I find it interesting that, having ridden in the same area for many years, there are always new routes to find. And that “oh so that’s where that just took me” surprise.

Of note on this ride was the trails through Belfairs Wood and then discovering Pound Wood. I was out riding early in the morning and only encountered two other people. If you fancy doing this, then I would recommend doing the same as I could imagine it becoming crowded later in the day.

My other discovery was the Prittle Brook Greenway. This is 5.7km route that links the urban heart of Southend to existing tracks and Woodlands Park in Hadleigh. It provides a traffic-free connection for both cyclists and pedestrians. Again best ridden early in the day as there can be a lot of pedestrians about.

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