Cycling during the COVID-19 crisis

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Last week I asked the question “is it ok to ride?” and concluded that, so long as it is not a group ride and social distancing is practised then, yes it is ok.   Being a solitary cyclist, neither of these constraints are a problem for me.  Yes, there is a risk that I might have an accident and up taking up a hospital bed that someone with COVID-19 might need.  The chances of this happening are relatively small and, with there being hardly any traffic on the roads, that risk should be reduced even further.  It is also important that we all keep fit and healthy, both mentally and physically.  I am spending time on Zwift, both cycling and running but getting out in the fresh air is also important.

For now, getting out once a day to exercise is one of the few reasons why we are allowed out.  I also think it is prudent not to stray too far from home and keep on quiet roads.  So how to do this and keep motivated?

Well, I have started out with an old Southend Bikeathon route which is a nice 13-mile course.  I will do two laps, a loop and then a reverse loop.  Although I have done this course in the past, I will use today’s ride as a baseline and then, using the Virtual Partner on Garmin, see how I can better that over the coming weeks.  This, and the Zwift rides and runs, should help keep on my road back to fitness.

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