What a magnificant ride that was.

Ride Data
Ride Data

Recently someone posted on a Facebook group I am a member of suggesting a group ride out to a place called Papermill Lock.  I wasn’t able to join the ride but as I haven’t been there before, looked it up online.  It did look like somewhere I fancied going to so, today, I took off on my own to see what it was like. I had a route planned, entered into my Garmin Edge and memorised.  But, as is always the way, I missed a turn and got lost.  But that really didn’t matter as today was about just getting out on my bike and having fun.  Sure, I had a destination I wanted to get to and, of course, wanted to get back home again!  But time, distance and average speed didn’t matter. And as a result, the 50 mile route I had planned turned into 64 miles. You’ll see from the ride data that I got hopelessly lost but when I did finally get there, it was well worth the effort.  It really is a pretty place with lots of canal barges and a wonderful tearoom.  So I took time out to rest up and have a sandwich lunch washed down with coffee.  And who knows, the caffeine might help me get back home again.

Papermill Lock

And talking of getting back home, I decided to find a different route back.  I had a quick look at the map and then navigated the old way, using road signs and my intuition – my shortcuts are famous for talking at least twice as long!  But it was so worth it.  I rode down some of the nicest, and quietest country lanes that I have ever ridden down.  There was no time pressure, no personal best time pressure.  Just the sheer enjoyment of being out under the open sky on my bike,  And isn’t that what it’s all about?

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