2 comments on “Rediscovering the Joy of Cycling

  1. Hi and thanks for following chelmsfordcityctc.wordpress.com. I enjoyed reading this – it certainly strikes a chord with the gentle touring pace of CTC, which gives its members a chance to have a chat and have a look around at the open countryside rather than the 5cm squared screen on the handlebars. Coincidentally, I’ve been catching up with ‘Cycling Active’ magazine today, which is now available on tablet through Essex/Southend Libraries (http://www.essex.gov.uk/Libraries-Archives/Libraries/reading/Pages/E-Magazines.aspx). The ride reports towards the back comprise an eclectic mix of shorter and longer rides, rural and urban, on drop bar speed machines and everyday hybrids. In fact, the magazine is impressively inclusive. A ride report from the November issue, entitled ‘Beer and limping in Languedoc’, opens by asserting ‘there is too much snootiness in cycling’ and the first paragraph ends, ‘When did these zealots forget that cycling at its best is no more complicated than getting away from it all and having a laugh?’

    Happy New Year and best wishes for an enjoyable 2015.

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