London Bikeathon 2013

London Bikeathon Banner

There is no such  thing as a bad ride but this wasn’t one of most favorite ones.  Lots of London traffic and continual stop and starting at traffic lights guaranteed a slow time and prevented me from getting into my stride.  The route was poorly signed posted and several people missed turns, including me.  In my case though it meant doing 12 miles too few as I missed the loop out to Chessington.  It was a very blustery day indeed, but I did get home before the rain.  But on the plus side, it was a fantastic feeling to be cycling with 5,000 other people, most of whom were wearing the red Leukemia t-shirts or cycling jerseys.  And better still, thanks to the fantastic generosity of people, I raised an incredible £756 (including gift aid) for Leukemia & Lymphoma Research

London Bikeathon 2013
London Bikeathon 2013

2 thoughts on “London Bikeathon 2013

  1. Hi tony I very much agree with you.

    Lost my way due to bad marking so i did a few miles extra.
    Spent the day weaving in and out of heavy london traffic and stopping and starting at the numerous traffic lights.
    Having clipless pedals on was a nightmare.
    I know it was all for charity but not sure i would do it again.

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