Getting back into training

Today's Ride
Today’s Ride

So, the start of a New Year and time to get back into training.  I have been out of the saddle for far too long, having not ridden since November due to weather, Christmas and other things.

I have two goals that I want to achieve:

  1. To be fit enough in time to ride the Cam to Coast in March; and
  2. To loose 20lbs.

Quite a bit of weight to lose but it must be done.  Having read that 8lb of fat weighs the same as a gallon of milk, that’s something like 3.5 gallons I need to shed.  Progress will be monitored here.

I am also taking a different approach to my cycling.  I listened to an interesting podcast recently which argued that most cyclists need to ‘unrace themselves’, that is to say, stop following what professional racing cyclists do.  Thinking back to some of my rides, I can understand why the author is saying this.  For example, a ride along the seafront can turn into a sprint from the Tour de France if one person overtakes another or just has to catch and overtake the rider in front of them

I didn’t  agree with everything in the podcast though.  For example, I wear cycling clothes as it is purpose made for the job and is efficient at wicking sweat away, has a padded chamois for a reason and so on.  But I do want to try to bring back some of the enjoyment of riding a bike that I have lost of late.

So today I didn’t worry about average speeds and so (and yes it was a lot slower than normal).  But I have to say I did enjoy the ride.

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