Car driver madness at the Tour de France

On what seems to be a year festooned with accidents, and one tragic death already, the Tour de France could have done without this.  I understand that the riders are ok but have no idea as to the fate of the car driver, but the car should be stopped by the police immediately and she (I understand it was a she) removed from the race.  She should then face prosecution for endangering life by dangerous driving.  There is absolutely no excuse for what she did.  I can understand a car may need to be alongside the riders.  I can understand that due to the narrowness of the road she though it advisable to drive on the grass verge.  But had she been paying attention se ought to have seen the large brown and green object known as a tree in front of her.

Update: Flecha was first to remount and continued onwards, jersey shredded, while Hoogerland got back on his bike several minutes later with blood streaming from his legs. His wounds were dressed and he limped onwards towards the finish.

3 thoughts on “Car driver madness at the Tour de France

  1. Update:

    King of the Mountains Johnny Hoogerland was unable to dwell on wearing the polka-dot jersey after Stage 9, instead reflecting that he was just happy to be alive after a terrible crash.

    Dutchman Hoogerland was thrown through a barbed wire fence when Juan Antonio Flecha, riding alongside him, was clipped by a passing vehicle.

    Hoogerland rode to the finish, sporting some nasty wounds which he admitted would require hospital treatment and “maybe thirty stitches” – but speaking after arriving in Saint-Flour the Vacansoleil man said he was just happy he had not suffered the fate of Wouter Weylandt, who passed away after a fall in the Giro d’Italia earlier this year.

    “I think the people in the car will have a very big guilty feeling,” Hoogerland said. “It should not happen but it’s always possible that something like this can happen and I can blame nobody for it.”

    “I just said to Flecha – we’re still alive, and Weylandt died,” the emotional rider added.

    View the interview here:

  2. I hope this will highlight a problem cyclist face every day on UK roads…car drivers aren’t taught to respect or even understand the rights of any other road user.
    If only the CTC and BCF weren’t such poor lobbyists.

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