Quite Excited (Understatement)

The training is done, my bike has been cleaned and serviced.  All I need now is an early night and a bowl full of porridge at 6:30 in the morning and I’ll be ready for the off.  Off for what?  Why to cycle 75 miles for the Orchid cancer charity that’s what.

This is the longest single distance ride I have ever done.  Having done 68 miles a couple of weeks ago I would like to say that I am quietly confident.  But I won’t in case I jinx it.

I have been anxiously watching the weather forecast, seeing it go from sunny to rain over the past few days.  This is the latest:

I have done my best to try and prevent it from raining, including buying a new lightweight waterproof to tuck into the back pocket of my cycling jersey.  Let’s hope it has worked.

As for times. I really don’t mind how quickly / slowly I do it, just completing 75 miles and raising money for a great cause is all that matters to me.

Watch this space to see how I did.

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