The world’s most comfortable bike saddle (probably)

Ever since I restarted cycling four years ago, I have had one problem that I have found it impossible to do anything about – sore sit bones!  Yes sure, regular cycling makes it easier as they are beaten into submission, but they are always the first thing to suffer on a ride.

I have tried several different saddles. Assos chamois cream, bought good quality shorts but the problem has never really completely gone away.  Until now that is.  And the answer?  This:

CHARGE Spoon Cromo Saddle
CHARGE Spoon Cromo Saddle

I did as much research as possible on comfortable saddles – well I did a Google search anyway.  And I kept coming back to this saddle.   According to one site “The Charge Spoon Cro-mo Rail Saddle is the perch of choice for all XC, Enduro and Road riders. It is typified by its light weight, supportive shape and pressure relief channel.”

One site described it as:

 ... an old, familiar armchair in a gentleman’s club – you kind of sink into it and yet always find the same comfy spot in which to view the passing world around you.

But in case that puts you off as it sounds too sleepy and cosy for road cycling:

 … it looks just like the first-generation Selle Italia Flite.  Viewed from the top, it’s a cross between a Fizik Aliante and a Bontrager Race X Lite. That’s no bad thing because they’re all held in high regard, especially the original Flite. Tubular cro-mo steel rails and just the right amount of padding underneath the synthetic leather covering keep the weight down, but the main areas in which this saddle scores are the quality (it’s made by Velo, a huge saddle maker) and the performance.

It is not some £100 plus job, although if comfort alone were to set the price then it should be as it is by far the most comfortable saddle I have ever ridden.  And after a 58 miles ride today the only part of my body that was complaining was my legs.  Even sitting here writing this several hours later, those sit bones are not complaining and there is not soreness whatsoever.

Saddle choice is a highly personal thing and what works for one person may not work for another.  But being comfortable in the saddle is more than half the battle for the long distance rides I love.  If you have a problem with your saddle and just can’t get comfortable on long rides, then invest in one of these.  It will cost you the princely sum of £22.50 (and no there isn’t a decimal point in the wrong place but for a saddle this comfortable there should be).


One thought on “The world’s most comfortable bike saddle (probably)

  1. A comfortable saddle is certainly worth its weight in gold. I had an unfortunate crash last year and needed a new saddle. I test rode a few with the best (i.e. most expensive) reputations and was sorely disappointed – literally. Saddles seem to be one exception in cycling where price does not necessarily translate to performance. For fellow riders with female anatomy, I have over 4,500 miles on a Selle Royal Viper and have never experienced a single saddle sore or ache. With the help of some magical Italian crafting elves, the UK distributes fine products indeed.

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