Nine steps towards safer cycling

The London Cycling Campaign, which promotes safer cycling in the capital, has produced a nine-point-plan for reducing the toll of death and injury among cyclists:

  1. Enforce speed limits and clamp down on drivers who use mobile phones.
  2. Crack down on hit-and-run drivers, who account for a large portion of serious road injuries.
  3. Introduce 20mph speed limits in all built-up and shopping areas of Britain’s towns and cities.
  4. Require all lorries to carry full safety equipment to help them avoid collisions with cyclists: six mirrors, sensors and safety guards.
  5. Require organisations which run lorries and other large vehicles to provide their drivers with cyclist awareness training, as already practised in four London boroughs.
  6. Include a “cycle awareness” section in the driving theory and practical tests
  7. Allocate more road space to cycling, as has been done in The Netherlands and Denmark, among other places.
  8. Provide all children with access to Bikeability cycle training, the current version of the Cycling Proficiency test
  9. Encourage less car use and more. cycling so that, as in The Netherlands and Denmark, collision rates for cyclists are reduced.

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