I am cycling 100 miles to nowhere – can you help me to raise money for Cancer Research UK?

On the 31st July, I am taking part in Relay for Life.  The Relay event in Southend will be going on for 24 hour when teams of up to eight people will take it turns walking laps and each team keeps at least one member on the track at all times.  To sponsor me please go to http://www.donatetomyrelay.org/tonysingleton1

But to make things more interesting, I thought I would do something similar to what was started by someone from the US known as the Fat Cyclist .  That is, during the 24 hour period, I pledge to ride round the racetrack up to a total distance of 100 miles.  I’ll record this using my bike computer and upload it afterwards so that you can see you haven’t been short-changed!

So if I can do this, would you please be kind enough to give me a reason not to back out by sponsoring me?

All sponsorship money raised will to Cancer Research UK

Cancer Research UK aim to raise over £2.5 million from Relay For Life to support their vital work. With your support they can reach that target and take a step closer to beating cancer.

Your money helps fund Cancer Research UK’s life-saving work. This includes research into the prevention, detection and treatment of cancer. And progress is being made:

  • More people are beating cancer than ever before. The overall cancer death rate has fallen by 10% over the last decade.
  • In the 1970s around 5 out of 10 breast cancer patients survived their disease beyond five years. Now it’s 8 out of 10.
  • Over 95% of men diagnosed with testicular cancer are now successfully treated.
  • More than seven out of ten children with cancer are now successfully treated compared with fewer than 3 in 10 in the 1960s.

And if I raise more than £200, I’ll even go so far as doing the pro-cycling thing and shave my legs for event!

Thank you

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