5 comments on “Essex Orchid 2010

  1. Well done mate. I also did the 75 mile event yesterday (well 82 actually but I’ll come on to that in a minute). I was planning on doing the 100 miler but a recent chest infection put a finish to the preparation for that distance. I did enjoy the route yesterday having had a tough time of it on the Action Medical Research Castle 100 ride (100km) with some nasty hills. So onto my 82 mile story. I took a wrong turn after leaving the water stop at Moreton as there were no signs saying go left and not straight on which is what I did. After about 3 or 4miles I decided I may have done a wrong turn and attempted a manual diversion to return me to the right route which ended up taking me towards Harlow…. Big mistake. I had to do a full retrace which proved mentally tough and I then cut out the Greenstead section to claim some excess milage back!!!!! Didn’t quiet make it but 82 miles completed and a exercise in coming back into Billerciay via Brentwood and Shenfield. I don’t recommend riding along the A128 north of Brentwood. Very narrow and average speed of traffic must be 40+mph!!!!!

  2. A similar thing happend to me last year when part of the route coincided with a bike race and the race marshalls thought we were part of that and event and sent us the wrong way. This year though my garmin paid dividends as the course was downloadable. No more trying to work out where I was from the map and directions!

    Are you doing the London to Southend?

  3. I’m not as I’m away on holiday then!!!! I’m unsure of my next event. I need to book some events up as I’ve got nothing booked as yet.

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