How to convert a gpx file to a crs and upload to your Garmin

I have many times come across questions asking how to convert a gpx file into a format that can be uploaded to your Garmin.

This is how to do it:

  • First you need to convert the file into a Garmin Course Database file.  This is one which ends in .crs
  • To do this, simply go to
  • Click on browse and find where you have saved the gpx file on your hard drive
  • Under ‘convert to’, click the down arrow next to ‘Google Earth KML’
  • select ‘Garmin Course Route CRS’
  • Click convert
  • You will now find a file with the same name as the one you converted but ending with .crs on your hard drive
  • Open the Garmin Training Centre software
  • Click File -> Import -> courses
  • Select the crs file you just created.
  • Now click on the courses tab and there you are, your gpx file converted to crs and ready to upload to Garmin


Typical.  No sooner had I posted that than I found a nice little utility that will convert the file.  It’s called PX2CRS.  It is a small utility that allows you to convert GPX files to Training Centre Course files. You can download it from:

The programme allows you to download GPX files from the internet or other applications and convert them to courses so you can upload them to your Edge or Forerunner. It also supports the conversion of a course file to GPX making it possible to view your rides in Google Earth.

The utility has some extra features like speed simulation, speed adjustment, track reversing and automatic creation of course points. It also allows you to add track points to avoid the ‘Off course’/’Course found’ problem.

I am doing a charity ride next weekend and the organisers have posted a gpx file online.  I will use this utility to convert the file and uploaded it to my Garmin and let you know how well it works.

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