Fantastic 63 mile ride from Shoebury to Hanningfield

Fantastic 63 mile ride from Shoebury to Hanningfield via just about anywhere.  Very strong winds kept my average speed disappointingly low though.  I am though now seriously thinking I will try for 75 miles at the Orchid Ride in a couple of week’s time.  Oh and I am going to drive back to Hanningfield tomorrow for a picnic with Tatia and Seraphina.  Might buy some of the wild plants they had on sale there too.

Today’s highlight happened when I was riding along the seafront cycle lane. Normally I won’t touch it like the plague but being tired I decided to be a good citizen and use it.  I lost count of the number of times I had to stop because of people walking in it, little kids using their scooters in it or 1,001 other reason.  What really took the biscuit was one woman walking in the cycle lane, looking disgusted and shouting “Where are all these bikes coming from?”  Umm the clue might just be in the title.  Try taking a walk around the M25 next week and you might just wonder what all those cars are there for!

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