The most fun you can have in lycra

After the problems I had this morning when the saddle bolt on my bike snapped, I thought that would be it for the day.  However, I went out and bought a new bolt and, with the saddle fixed, decided to go out for a ride anyway.  Not quite the 65 miles I had planned but still a great 26 miles anyway.

Leaving aside the suicide alley that is the seafront cycle lane and the people skating in it, walking dogs, or parents letting their two year olds run out in front of me, it really was a fantastic ride.  Even when the rain started half-way through, it didn’t matter.  And neither did the headwinds.

Especially the headwinds and they were tailwinds on the way back.  Overtaking cars along the seafront with the help of the tailwinds was fun as well.  Ok, so maybe they weren’t trying and only travelling at 25 mph, but who cares, it was still great fun.

So back home and showered, with the endorphins flowing through my system, I have to conclude that really was the most fun I have had in lycra (the ride that is not the shower 🙂 !

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