9 comments on “Snapped saddle bolt

  1. Looks my slow, careful filing finally paid off! Oh well, I need to devise a new crafty plot to get my hands on that life insurance money!

  2. This has happened to me once on the old MTB. I was struggling up a long uphill, sat down; as I pedalled the saddle just fell off, as did I. Thankfully there were no cars directly behind me and I managed to get up, pick up the saddle and checked what had happened.

    Looking at the seatpost I saw that the bolt that goes through the fitting to secure the saddle had somehow sheared off. I was lucky really, I was only a few miles from home so just stood up and rid home. On the way back a guy pulled over and said he’d seen what had happened and offered me a lift – there was no way my bike would fit in his boot so I just thanked him and declined; never accept lifts from strangers unless it’s a cute blonde woman in a BMW.

    I have found that if I sit back too roughly the seat will pull back a little making it arch up, so maybe that’s what caused the shearing off. The seatpost I have now has 2 bolts, one at either side, so I hope that’s much safer.

    *edit* I keep spelling ‘pedal’ wrong…WHY?!

  3. I’ve never had a bolt shear on my bikes, but I’ve seen plenty of them in a former life in engineering.

    When I got a carbon bike I bought a torque wrench and I always use it now for bolts, but it still surprises me how “not tight” a bolt has to be sometimes!

    If you greased the bolt that makes it easier to over tighten without realising, or maybe corrosion caused by different metals? Might just have been a duff bolt though, hard to say.

    Hope you got home ok?

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  7. just had the same happen to me today. fortunately i was just pulling up to a traffic light. i just fell of the back, landing on my feet and caught my bike as it tried to roll away from me. In fact i think i must have looked pretty damn cool.

    anyway, quite disturbing. i never thought anything like that could happen. I was on a flat road making my daily commute through central london. ie. it could have been quite dangerous.

    it was a Trak 7.3FX – a couple of years old. Off to the shop tomorrow.

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