65.5 miles = 105.4km. I know, I rode it :-)

The weather forecast didn’t look too bad and could have been at worse, like it was yesterday.  Sunshine and showers around 10 o’clock and just generally cloudy by 1 o’clock.

Shame that wasn’t quite true as the showers kept coming and so did the hailstones.  But yes there was sunshine in between the rain.  And the forecasters were right about the very strong winds blowing from the north.  But I was determined to make up for missing out yesterday and so headed off for Maldon, a round trip of about 60 miles.

Did I mention that the forecasters sure weren’t kidding about the northerly winds?  I had planned my ride to head north so that I could benefit from the tail winds and be pushed most of the way home.  Well that didn’t quite work as it was nearly just as hard when cycling east or west due to the cross-winds.  I was about 40 minutes and 10 miles into the ride.  The wind was blowing full-on, it started to rain, I was freezing cold.  I really did begin to wonder why in the world do I do this?  I could be sat at home in the warm and dry.  But no, there I was, on a bike, wearing brightly coloured lycra, battling the elements to cycle longer than I had cycled before.

But then I guess that is what is all about.  Forget the loneliness of the long distance cyclist.  The drive and sense of satisfaction is something you will only ever understand if you ride.

The rest of the ride was just as gruelling with hail stones coming down at one point.  But then at others, the sun was shining, the wind was blowing from behind, I rode down a hill as steep as roller coaster reaching 35 miles an hours.  But most importantly of all I kept going and broke my log distance record.

A sense of achievement?  Yes, more than can be described.  And after a recovery drink and hot shower, the endorphins make the after glow feel as good as sex.

So now I feel ready to tackle 75 miles at the Orchid ride and I am one step nearer my personal goal of completing 100 miles in a day.

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