Sunday’s ride looks doubtful

Well yes maybe I could be said to be a bit of a fair weather cyclist, but it looks very much like I am going to give the Essex Countryside ride on Sunday a miss.  Much as I love cycling pretty much more then anything else, I don’t fancy riding 60 miles in this:

I did the ride last year when the weather turned into pretty much the same conditions and it was one of the most miserable rides I have ever done.

So if the weather improves I will still do it of course, if not then I’ll save my 60 miles for Monday when the weather looks a lot better.  Pity though.

9 thoughts on “Sunday’s ride looks doubtful

  1. Hi, I stumbled across your blog via google as I was checking if the Essex Countryside event was still going ahead. I was very much looking forward to my 1st official ride of 2010 but like you I do not fancy 4 hours riding around in windy rainy conditions. I can’t see anyone would enjoy that. I’ll see what the latest forcast this evening brings but it doesn’t look good!!!!! 😦 James

  2. Yes so far as I know it is. Looking at the latest weather forecast we’re going to get wet, but at least it doesn’t seem to be as bad as was first forecast. If you don’t do this one there is always the Orchid Ride on the 17 June or London to Southend.

  3. How did you get on? Did you venture forward and brave the cold, wind and rain? I took one look from my vantage point in west Essex and cried off after seeing the heavy rain around 8am this morning.I hope to make it out tomorrow morning with a 45/ 50 mile run. The driest April on record and the one day we needed it dry it chucked it down!!!! My next event is two weeks today (Castle Ride 100 in Kent for Action medical research).

  4. I am afraid I cried off too. I was up at 6 eating porridge looking out at a very grey sky. Then by 7 o’clock it was cold, raining and windy so I crawled back into bed for a lay in. I am planning a 60+ miler tomorrow going from Southend to Maldon and back.

    Good luck with the Castle Ride. Give me a shout if you are doing any of the events I’ve listed.

  5. A wise move I think on both counts. I’m thinking about doing the Orchid ride but haven’t booked it as yet. It looks like a great day out based upon the pictures so one to bring wife and kids along too as long the day isn’t like today. See you there perhaps!!!! I’ll confirm in the next week or so.

  6. Well you did better than me. I only managed an hour this morning as I was late getting up and away. Still tough going though with that wind!!!! I checked out your ride. I love the video fly by option….. Never again will I need to leave the house. I can sit and take part in the Tour in realtime with a can of beer in hand!!!!! 😉 By the way I’m in for the Orchid challenge. Looks good. I did the Bath to London event last August bank holiday which was 104 miles so the 100 mile run could be an option. Better get the Lucozade energy tablets out!!!!

  7. Just got back and did 64 miles in the end. I’ll blog about it when it get my energy back. That’s the longest distance I’ve ridden and am very plased even though it was fairly slow. But yes the wind was murder and so the showers, complete with hail stones! See at the Orchid ride. I’m probably going to opt for the 75 miles.

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