Southend’s Dangerous New Cycle Lane

If ever there was a cycling lane that should be banned this it. I am sure you stand far more chance of coming to harm by using it than you would with sticking to the road.

As the video points out:

  • nothing to stop kids wobbling into the traffic
  • inadequate car door clearance
  • nothing to stop pedestrians using the cycle lane
  • nothing stopping cars parking right next to the path

And what happens when you reach the end? Because of the dual carriageway, it looks like the pavement is the only option. Great idea that as I am sure those who rightly complain about cyclists riding on pavements would agree. You have to wonder who the hell designed it. It sure wasn’t a cyclist or anyone who even remotely thinks bike.

If Southend Council would like to take up the offer, I would be more than happy to provide them with free consultancy for the next endeavour. Either that, or challenge the person who designed it to ride the length of it one Sunday afternoon. I am sure that will be the last stupid and dangerous design like this that we will see in the Borough.

5 thoughts on “Southend’s Dangerous New Cycle Lane

  1. haha, that is quite ridiculous. I reckon it might be deliberate though. A gauntlet to test your skills so the only cyclists who survive are those who passed their cycling proficiency and are not a menace to society, eliminating those who can’t, for example, avoid pedestrians, and thus making the world a safer place

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