4 comments on “Paris-style ‘Boris bikes’ arrive in July

  1. summary of Facebook replies:

    Tatia Singleton: I love this idea in theory. Hope it works in practice.

    Vicki Singleton: Ok seriously, they need to stop encouraging cyclists in London. Half-car, half-pedestrian, jumping red lights at crossings and expecting people to run out of the way just cus they cba to stop, hopping between pavement and road at will, not indicating when they're turning, and looking smug and superior the whole time… they're a menace!

    Vicki Tyrrell: and lets not forget they don't pay to use the roads like us car drivers! their bikes don't have to have an MOT, so can be completely knackered, and they don't have to have insurance, so if they do cause an accident you still end up paying!

    Tony Singleton: We're not all like that, honest! And I do have insurance funnily enough it also includes breakdown insurance. Still I would rather be hit by a bike than a drunk driver or a driver paying more attention to a mobile phone the way all car drivers doOh and car drivers don't pay to use the road. Road tax was abolished in 1937. They (and cyclists who drive) pay car tax (vehicle excise duty). 🙂

    Vicki Tyrrell: what do you mean pay more attention to your mobile the way all car drivers do, cheeky bugger, some of us do use handsfree or switch off when driving

    • I will be signing up when I am back at work the first week in September after being on holiday. I hear nothing but good reviews from the cycling media and podcasts.

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